Our Programs


Our unique program for groups of children ages 3-8 years of age, led by
experienced Speech and Language Pathologists and Music Therapists weaves together music and speech and language.

STTB 061

This program will :

● Improve attention span.

● Improve communication and literacy skills.

● Improve self-confidence.

● Facilitate improvement in social interactional skills- eye contact, joint attention and turn-taking.

● Expand pretend and imaginary play skills.

● Increase gross and fine motor skills.

● Develop basic musical skills such as singing alone and with others, keeping the beat with various instruments and naming instruments.

(If you are college student with a major in Speech Pathology and would like to volunteer with our Speak to the Beat speech/music therapy program on Saturdays, please contact us at (914) 632-9109 ext. 5010 or email frontdesk@csjinc.com)


Understanding that parenting is a unique challenge and learning is an
unique process, the Institute offers free workshops for parents on a
variety of topics relevant to their child’s development.