I gained a clearer understanding of some of the physical aspects that caused my son’s problems and delays in speaking. I also learned techniques I am able to use at home to help him continue to develop proper speech.

-Rosa from Mount Vernon

My son Garvan started with The Center for Small Jewels at the age of six.  He had a severe language and speech impairment along with sensory processing disorder.  Despite four and a half years of speech therapy via Early Intervention and his school district his speech was unintelligible, his vocabulary was limited and expressive language was nil.  He had been subjected to bullying by his peers and arrived at the center a broken child, very isolated, severely frustrated, unable to communicate with very low self-esteem.  

I was immediately put at ease by Cheryl on our first introduction and she reassured me that my son was in good hands and would be in a far better place after therapy.  It was extremely refreshing after years of speech therapists and evaluations to finally meet someone so knowledgeable who could accurately diagnose my son’s class of speech impairment and thereby commence the correct form of therapy.  I cannot over emphasize the difference that Cheryl has made in my son’s life and indirectly to us, his family.  In the space of eighteen months my son is more articulate, more confident, less frustrated, better placed to succeed academically and develop social relationships.

Today was our last day at the Center for Small Jewels and it was bittersweet, we are so grateful for Garvan’s progress but so sad to say goodbye to all the friends we made.

I cannot thank Cheryl enough for everything she has done for Garvan.  She gave my son his voice and gave me back my child in a far better place than the day we walked through her door.


Thank you.

-Margaret Maher

I was feeling hopeless that I could not get any help for my son’s speech difficulties. The educational system was not addressing his needs and we could not afford private therapy. Luckily, I heard about the Parents Partnering with Professional Program through the Jewels Institute. My son and I travelled by bus three hours each week to receive free speech and language services that helped him so much.

-Anna from the Bronx.

Music is the language of the heart and soul. This program has given us great joy as we watched our son improve in his speech and his demeanor. STTB brings comfort and cheer to children with special needs and translates into tangible rewards and benefit to families and the communities.

-Merlyn from New Rochelle

I believe that using music as a tool to foster communication and language development is an effective approach and one that my son has responded to in a very productive way. The small class size, combined with the weekly consistency and expertise of the instructors, all contributed to a very positive experience for our son.

-Hope from New Rochelle